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Events and support for tech enthusiasts of all levels


We are a Swiss non-profit association which is on a mission to support women in building and leading their careers in programming-related fields.
Photo of three women working on hackathon project
Hands-on inspiration

We organize workshops covering the most promising areas of tech. Our upcoming series will focus on the development of technical skills in data science, blockchain, web development, and more, as we believe that the world needs more female leaders building innovative applications and strategically shaping our digital future.

Space to learn from others

During our workshops and Hack'n'Lead, we connect people with diverse background and skillset. Everyone can share valuable insights, experience and network to help each other accelerate careers. You will find help in building a business, getting a better job, focusing on personal development, amongst others. And you will have lots of fun!

Invested in gender diversity

We also collaborate with companies, non-profit organizations and other initiatives to achieve a common goal. We've been guest teachers at conferences such as Digital Festival, Applied Machine Learning Days, IWD, and more. We also help women start their careers in tech by establishing scholarships for education. It is never too late to switch careers!


Get involved

Bring your ideas.  Bring your passion.  Bring your support 

Support our mission and participate in making positive changes for women in technology.

Interested in having an impactful volunteer experience? Check out our current volunteer roles.

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