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Thank you for your interest in deploy(impact)


Applications are now open from July 17 to Aug 28. Shortlisted participants will be invited to an interview on 3 roll-outs: Aug 7, 21, and 28. 


All selected participants will be confirmed from Sep 4 - 8

Program onboarding will be from Sep 15 to Sep 23.

  • What is deploy(impact)’s format?
    deploy(impact) is a remote, 15hrs/week, 6-week program. demo sprint From Sep 18 to Sep 22. The demo sprint starts with an informal get-together in Zurich (remote stations avaialble too). During this week, team members will have the chance to get to knoweachother with teambuilding activities. They will also dive into the program's tools and collect further project requirements directly with their respective Product Owner. Opening ceremony and project Kick-off Selected participants will kick off deploy(impact) on Saturday, Sep 23, 2023, at a hybrid event in Zurich to which all project teams and project owners will attend. The project for social good As a participant, you will be working in 1 tech project for social good during the 6 weeks program. The tech project will run in an Agile Methodology with weekly sprints. After each sprint, project teams will turn in their retrospectives for feedback in their progress. Mentoring support To offer guidance through out the program, a pool of mentors from the sponsoring companies, project owners and the women++ team will be available for participants. Project presentations and award ceremony Final solutions by all teams and projects will be presented during deploy(impact)'s project presentations on Saturday, Nov 4, 2023. The solution with the higher score per project will win deploy(impact)'s prize.
  • What is scheduled for the demo sprint week?
    Based on our experience from running last years’ programs, one of the most important aspect for project team’s success is setting the right working environment right from the start. This is not only a challenge at deploy(impact), but also in real-life company settings. For this reason, we invite participants to join the “demo sprint” prior to the project kick-off, from Sep 18 to Sep 22. During this week, participants will have the chance to: meet informally (on-site in Zurich, - remote stations available - date TBC directly with applicants), start their teambuilding activities, form a pool of suggested exercises collect project requirements with their respective Product Owner dive into the program’s tools during an info session prior to the kick-off
  • Could you give an example of the tools that will be used during the project?
    One of the tools that we will be using during deploy(impact) is Slack, which will be the centralised communication’s tool for everyone involved in the program. Participants will set-up their project backlog and follow deploy(impact)’s guide into each sprint through GitHub. Participants will be onboarded to all program's tools during the program from Sep 18 to Sep 22.
  • How many tech projects are there at deploy(impact)?
    deploy(impact) 2022 will facilitate 2 tech projects for social good. In brief, you can develop real software to facilitate accessible education from Switzerland to the world OR to support safe education tools for children, guided by their teachers
  • What happens after the project teams present their solutions?
    As the aim of this program is not to produce an out-of-the box, ready to use solution, women++ will continue to work with the project owners to finetune a working solution or Beta version after the closing ceremony. Participants working on the project are welcome to continue contributing towards the implementation. Shortly after the closing ceremony, women++ will facilitate a collective meeting between participants and product owner. During this meeting, the PO will define which functionalities they would like to further implement, choosing from all solutions presented at the project presentations (not only the winning team). After the project is handed over to the PO, they are able to freely use it. Our only requirement is that the license to code can’t be changed, so we ensure it's open source and can't be used for financial gain. It should also remain always attributed to the original creators, who are the deploy(impact) respective teams.
  • What roles are expected to form each project team?
    women++ wants to make sure to get a healthy mix of tech and domain expertise to each team. Roles within a team are pre-assigned and cover at least: Tech Project Manager - project lead 2-3 Developers Data Science UX/UI Person
  • I’ve never done a hackathon or tech project before, would this be a good place to start?"
    Definetely! Whether your background is in business or another domain, if using technology to solve social cause issues excites you as much as the idea of getting hands-on experience in a tech project, make sure you apply! Since you are interested in transitioning into the tech industry, here are some topics you can look into to help you prepare for deploy(impact): Agile methodology (high level is more than enough!). Atlassian has some cool pages on it. Also, here are a couple of our webinars that can be useful: intro to Agile PM, Distributed Agile Teams (and how they succed) and Github! Mess around with git and using github. Cross platform development/web dev. Check out podcasts/videos on accessibility - here is our webinar on accessibility. Check out podcasts/videos on design and web dev also.
  • What kind of time commitment does deploy(impact) require?
    From Sep 23 - Nov 4 (included), participants will spend at least 10 to 15hrs/week. For those working full-time, time management within your team will be highly recommended to stick to the 15hrs/week estimation. For participants that wish to use this experience as a full-time or part-time project, they are welcome to dive deeper into the project as long as the rest of the team agrees to it and responsabilties are well defined from the start. During the demo sprint - Sep 18 - 22, we recommend participants to do a set of teambuilding activities and meet with their POs to collect project requirements prior to the program's kick-off. Investing time during this extra week is not mandatory but will smothen the following sprints.
  • How many participants will be selected to participate at deploy(impact)?
    Around 60 participants will be onboarded to the program this year. Each project team will be made of 5 - 7 people with complementary and interdisciplinary skills. There will be around 6 - 9 project teams divided in 2 tech projects.
  • What are you looking for to see in the application?
    Besides information about your previous experience, it is very important to us to learn more about your motivation to participate, including the areas of Tech that you are interested in. For example, in last year’s edition, some participants had already experience in a particular role, but were more interested to try something else they wouldn’t be able to do in their traditional job, so doing more PM instead of Software Development. Make sure to include in your application* why you wish to participate :) *Note: applications open from July 17 - Sep 3, 2023
  • How much will it cost?
    deploy(impact) is completely free hands-on project experience for social good!
  • Is deploy(impact) open to all genders?
    Absolutely! women++ is all about diversity and equal opportunities: all applicants will receive consideration for the program without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, or disability status.
  • Is the program open to everyone globally or is it only Swiss nationals who can apply?
    For a smooth collaboration between team members of each project team, we will prioritize applications from time zones: CEST/CET & BST/GMT
  • Is the deploy(impact) open to all ages?
    Sure, if you have an interest for technology and would like to develope software for social good, then you are welcome to apply!

Do you have another question before applying?

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