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Thanks for the love! We are here thanks to your continuous support. 


Our non-profit community is growing larger and stronger every year and with donations like yours, we are able to continue our mission forward.  We want to thank you for your trust!

Support gender diversity in IT

Our vision is to increase the number of women working in the tech sector by focusing on adults willing to either advance their existing careers or transition to this sector from other fields.


In order to increase the number of women working in STEM, we don’t need to solely focus on promoting STEM careers amongst kids in schools. Many adult women never got a chance to experience the joy of creating something with new technologies, and today they are curious and very motivated to try. As professionals, they are very likely to transition in their careers and become engaged in the tech industry.

Our initiatives are designed to attract female talent (being inclusive to all genders) to the tech industry, support their transition into new roles, and promote female leadership. All while gaining hands-on experience within tech roles and projects which increase their chances to land a job in the industry.

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Thank you for your contribution towards diversity in tech!


women++ is on a mission of helping individuals and companies to increase and harness diversity in order to improve the quality of their products & working environments. 



Participants joining our programs

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of participants joining our programs are women. We designed programs to be inclusive and gender diverse

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Women helped to transition into tech

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