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Projects for social good




Are you working towards a social cause?

deploy(impact) is a women-friendly, hands-on software development program for social good (~ 70% female ratio)

Pre-selected tech talent form diverse teams to support your social cause with tailor-made digital solutions.

Also involved: participating sponsoring companies mentor participants, who will experience the whole life cycle of a software solution in a supportive, collaborative environment where applied learning is at its core. 

Why are we doing this? Our mission is to increase gender diversity in tech with purposeful technology.

Interested to take part as a project owner? See the requirements below:

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Meet the Project Owners and their Social Cause Projects

More than ever organizations with a social cause behind are in need of technical solutions to advance their missions. They bring real-life tech projects for participants to solve during deploy(impact).


As project owners, they designate a product owner from their organization to give feedback to the teams creating tech-based solutions to their challenges during the six-week agile workflow program.

“Seeing so many bright, kind, enthusiastic and smart people wanting to create a solution was incredible. The energy within the groups was electric. Such a collaborative experience with plenty of ideas and questions challenging us on parts of the project we hadn’t thought off. It has been pure joy.

For anyone looking for tech support to advance a social cause project, I can’t recommend deploy(impact) enough. It was worth every bit and more than we had ever expected. Thank you again women++ for giving us this opportunity and to all the volunteers for your time and effort".

Lou Pisani, deploy(impact) product owner 2021 for InZone - University of Geneva

“Over the six-week long project, collaborating as a team for a good cause and the networking opportunities that were available to me during deploy(impact) were extremely helpful.

It is such an amazing programme to not only improve my technical skills but also work alongside other developers, programmers and UX/UI designers towards a common goal. 

Importantly, it has also opened up job opportunities for me in the tech space”

Emilie Humbert, deploy(impact) participant 2021

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