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16 October - 27 November 2021 | ONLINE | Completed!




More than ever, NGOs are in need of technical solutions to advance their missions. They bring real tech projects for participants to solve during deploy(impact).


They are the project clients and product owners:

InZone_Master logo.png

InZone, a project of the University of Geneva, offers comprehensive blended learning opportunities to students in transitory refugee camps in Kenya and Jordan. Their initiatives empower students affected by humanitarian crises to continue their education and own their future.

Kona Connect Logo_Negative.png

Kona Connect, an internationally active NGO based in Bern, uses artificial intelligence to create practical tools capable of linking individuals in vulnerable situations to the help they need - from assistance for domestic violence survivors to legal aid support for displaced persons and refugees. 



What if you could use your tech skills to develop solutions for a social benefit? What if you could gain hands-on experience while learning new skills in a safe space?

InZone_Master logo.png

COVID has not stopped the teaching activities, however it is a wake up call to find a solution for the students to take exams remotely whilst ensuring that the exam protocols are followed. You can help InZone develop a solution to help refugees around the world have more sustainable access to the education they deserve.

Kona Connect Logo_Negative.png

Access to tailored and
trustworthy information is essential for individuals in precarious (and often life-threatening) situations. However, it is easy to get lost in a bureaucratic maze amongst the numerous support institutions that exist. You can help Kona Connect develop the tech solution to help those in need find solutions faster.

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