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16 October - 27 November 2021 | ONLINE




women++ is on a mission to increasing diversity in Tech to make better decisions, develop inclusive companies, products, services, and the world.



Participants joining our programs

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of participants joining our programs are women. We designed programs to be inclusive and genre diverse

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Women supported in transitioning into tech.


You have a real impact

Hands-on tech programs, which bring together community and companies have proven to help women transition into tech and advance their careers in tech. You are supporting: a hands-on development program, educational workshops, strengthening a diverse tech ecosystem and a pilot initiative intended to scale in coming years.

Putting your own stamp on diversity in the Swiss tech industry

Lead the conversation on diversity by spreading your vision, culture and knowledge throughout the program. Learn from other companies who share the same aims as you. 

Gain more diverse talent: meet, work with and recruit tech talent in a real-life setting

>80% of women++ event attendees are women. Our partners regularly meet & hire female tech talent at our events. This event gives you the opportunity to meet talent, see how they work on real business cases and recruit based on your experiences.

Learn from and share with like-minded companies & institutions

Increasing diversity in tech is a joint effort: meet like-minded companies and educational institutions and share experiences, contacts and resources

Grow your brand awareness in the right way

Associate your brand with diversity, innovation and a hands-on upskilling program with real impact.


“I had a very good chat with another mentor from ZHAW Zurich University. She is part of the diversity group there and is organizing courses for teachers of grades one through six. These classes help expose young girls and boys to tech opportunities by learning to program in a very practical way. I found this approach quite interesting. But it also means we need to wait another 10-20 years before we can reap those benefits.” –

Tobias Rein, Founder & CTO @ GetYourGuide, Hack’n’Lead sponsor


“The only way to solve the female to male participation in IT jobs is if we solve this together so I would invite every other company to come here and join us, so we can help females to love IT and work with us” –

Kristen Renner, CIO @ Credit Suisse, Hack’n’Lead Sponsor


“We would like to see more diversity in the pipeline. It’s hard to change that now on the spot so we have to invest in the future. Events like Hack’n’Lead which encourage women to move into coding are definitely one of  the things that we believe can make that happen” –

David von Rickenbach, Director @ Thomson Reuters Labs, Hack’n’Lead sponsor

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