women++ Scholarship at a Coding Bootcamp


Ever considered a career in software development or data science but thought it was not possible? We encourage you to consider joining the 3 months bootcamps offered by SIT Academy


No matter the coding experience, they have created a learning environment to help get you there from start to finish. You’ll feel right at home at SIT Academy – diversity is key with students coming from all types of backgrounds and industries. They will be more than happy to answer your questions or organize a campus visit for you. 


And there’s even better news: all female applicants coming via women++ are eligible to qualify for a 50% scholarship offered once per batch.


How to apply

Using the application form, write in the "Your Goals" section going into as much detail as possible why you would be the best candidate for the scholarship -  professional and financial reasons - as well as why you rely on financial support. Please understand that those already working typically do not qualify. Make sure to also use the referral code WOMEN. Scholarship requests must be received two months before each program starts. Winners are announced one week after the scholarship application period closes.

As a recipient of the women++ scholarship, you will join the group of role models we seek - those who prove one can change careers no matter the background or age. We will publish your success story on our channels.

My Digital Future Fellowship


The My Digital Future Fellowship gives selected individuals the opportunity to learn in-demand digital and web development skills. The Fellowship consists of sponsored enrollment for up to six courses

on the web development track at the EPFL Extension School, taking Fellows from digital literacy, to competency, to mastery – no matter their academic or professional background. As you progress through each course, you’ll be able to display your knowledge by completing multiple hands-on web projects. And while Fellows are not required to complete all six of the courses, the learning outcomes of each course are meant to ensure that they acquire tangible, valuable skills and a portfolio of projects that showcase their new talents and abilities.