16 October - 27 November 2021 | ONLINE


Hands-on Tech Program for Social Good


Applications open until September 1st




deploy(impact) is a hands-on software development program for social good. 

Learn how to develop a product from A to Z following an agile methodology of a product's full life-cycle: from business requirements definition to proof-of-concept together with the product owner.

Running remotely, for a duration of six weeks (part-time), 30 participants will form interdisciplinary teams to work on tech projects for social good. Selected solutions can directly benefit a social cause and will be guided in the technical implementation phase.




Deployment of projects

Final participant selection

Participants applications open

NGOs and participants take the lead in deploying projects after program completion. women++ supports process on demand

NGOs/ project announcement


16 Oct '21

27 Nov '21

May '21

Jun '21

Aug '21

Sept '21

Begin prep-Phase

Prep workshops open to entire women++ community from June to October

Kick Off

Kick-off event with 6+ interdisciplinary teams of around 30 participants

Project Presentations

All project teams present their solutions to NGOs, participants and sponsors


The main focus of deploy(impact) is to give participants the opportunity to gain real-life experience in the full life-cycle of software development projects. 

Preparatory workshops

Preparatory workshops to introduce key concepts and methodologies


Develop project management skills

Teams receive mentorship on project management and project management tools to facilitate successful project completion


Hands-on client management experience

Experience all the rewards and challenges of working with real people as your project clients


Mentorship support

Mentors from sponsoring companies and the women++ network will provide workshops, tech talks, Slack Q&A support and attend regular project team check-ins

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More than ever, NGOs are in need of technical solutions to help them advance their missions. They bring real challenges for participants to directly benefit their causes for social good. They are the project clients and product owners.

Meet this year's product owners and discover our social good tech projects.

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Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


Software developers, communicators, data scientists, project managers, creative minds, business experts, members of STEM fields - participants of all backgrounds and enthusiastic about tech will be the key to building successful solutions to advance social good.

Looking for a collaborative, hands-on business experience tailored for learning? Then this is the program for you:


Sponsors bring know-how to help project teams develop extraordinary solutions while honing their skills. Networking and career opportunities can help participants boost their career in tech or find the right environment for transitioning into tech. 

Discover all the sponsoring benefits and register your interest below, we will get in touch soon:



NGOs, sponsors and community partners will provide mentorship support, bringing their know-how in specific areas that will help you develop your project. During the 6 week program, your team will have weekly check-ins with the product owner (NGOs) and the mentors to answer any questions you might have. Feedback sessions with other teams will be also provided.


Agile values applied to our program: 

  • Fostering Individuals and interactions: interdisciplinary teams aligned from requirements to implementation.

  • Customer collaboration: weekly check-up sessions with the product owner (NGO).

  • Adapting to change: iterative improvement on a weekly basis based on customer feedback and mentorship guidance. 

  • Producing working results: selected solutions can be deployed within the NGO.





women++ is on a mission of helping individuals and companies to increase and harness diversity in order to improve the quality of their products & working environments. 



Participants joining our programs


of participants joining our programs are women. We design programs to be inclusive and gender diverse

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Women supported in their transition into tech


To realise the resulting product, this program offers you different prep events that will give you practical knowledge to apply throughout your project: hard and soft skills, agile development processes, project management skills and industry standards for working in remote teams. These prep events will be open for everyone from July till October. Sign up to our NL to receive further info and don't miss out!


Offering a course on project management or development is one thing, but we know we can do even better. We want to give our community the chance to work on something real, tech projects that make a measurable impact. Therefore, the resulting product from project teams can directly benefit the selected NGO.

“The efforts to increase female leadership in tech are encouraging. When we can see ourselves in our leaders we feel more empowered and confident. More effort and faster progress are still required though. With the latest advances in AI shaping our future in once deemed unimaginable ways, we need to ask ourselves: how can we enable diverse voices to participate impactfully in this transformation right now.” –

Laura Skrylaki, Data Scientist @ Thomson Reuters, Hack’n’Lead participant

“I decided to go into data science because of a women++ workshop and ever since Hack’n’Lead I’m doing a hackathon whenever I get the chance. Working on these cool projects with really interesting people has made me delve further into this field.” –

Namrata Gurung PhD, Data Scientist & Tech Entrepreneur

“This is what I like about women++: that there is the support. When you want to go for big goals, it is good to know that you are not alone”.  “I was in web development, which I consider a beginners stage of tech and I always wanted to get into software engineering. And that’s when I learned about women++, which gave me the kick to get to the next level” –

Nadja Gujer, Full Stack Software Engineer @ Natzka SA