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For non-profits, foundations and companies with social or environmental projects

Do you face a challenge in your every day operations towards a social or environmental cause and you believe this could be solved or improved with a digital solution? Then deploy(impact) could be for you! Get in touch through or with the form below.

This is a registration of interest to bring a project for social good that can be solved with tech solutions during deploy(impact) 6-week long program.

After submitting this form, we will get in touch with you shortly to jump on a call and explore your project ideas.

Thanks for submitting, we will shortly get in touch to discuss your idea!



Over the six-week long project, collaborating as a team for a good cause and the networking opportunities that were available to me during deploy(impact) were extremely helpful.
It is such an amazing programme to not only improve my technical skills but also work alongside other developers, programmers and UX/UI designers towards a common goal. Importantly, it has also opened up job opportunities for me in the tech space.”

Emilie Humbert

Software Engineer

deploy(impact) participant

Zurich, Switzerland

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It's our great pleasure to support the women++ deploy(impact) program because the Swiss job market needs more talent in the IT industry. Our experienced Capgemini mentors have done an excellent job, and we are committed to increase the number of women working in the tech sector.

Guida Kapmann


Sponsoring partner

Capgemini Switzerland

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The mission of women++ very well aligns with our D&I strategy and very well connects with our goal to increase the share of women in tech. We truly believe that diverse teams are much stronger and also we feel the call that we actually have to walk to a more diverse and inclusive society.

Dunja-Maria Bischof

CPO & Site Operations Lead

Sponsoring Partner

Zalando Switzerland

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deploy(impact) gave me great experience working in a specialised team where each person had their designated function i.e PM, developer, UX etc. This was my first experience working in a scrum configuration with sprints, which was especially helpful when I transitioned to my next role as the start up was just implementing scrum and I was able to help guide them with useful tips and tricks that I had picked up from my project and team.

Alexandra Bödtker

Engineer & Project Lead

deploy(impact) participant

Zurich, Switzerland

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After completing the project, I included it in my portfolio and CV. I did a new round of applications, which was really successful. I was invited for a lot more interviews and it was the project I mainly spoke about. Also, it was a real project and not a case study, which helped a lot. Now I have my first full-time #job in #UX, I'm a junior user researcher

Fotini Handra

User Researcher

deploy(impact) participant​

London, UK

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We challenged 5 teams with a software project and there was a high variety of solutions. Each team approached the challenge from different angles, utilising their unique team's strengths, coming up with a usable application that we can easily implement.

Martin Seifert

CRM & Data Analyst

Non-profit Partner

Pro Juventute Switzerland

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