Mental Health Awareness

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As a member of the tech community, you are more likely to suffer from mental health issues than most other members of the workforce. That is why it is so important for us to start the conversation.

To celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Month, from October 2020 we are hosting a series of webinars on topics surrounding mental health at work.

The concept


Creating a safe space where people feel comfortable to an open dialogue on stigmatized topics


Raising awareness of mental health-related topics


Participating in interactive sessions on stigmatized topics


Gaining insights and guidance from specialists on the session topic

Next webinar: Assertiveness Skills

In this workshop, participants will be guided to understanding the following: 


  1. what impacts their own assertiveness, 

  2. how to become comfortable with expressing their needs and wants, 

  3. how to set boundaries effectively,

  4. how to become comfortable with saying NO.

This workshop is designed to be interactive, to allow conversations to take place in a safe space. 

with Carolyn Still

Thursday, December 10 - 18:30 -20:00 CET

Previous webinar: Beating Imposter Syndrome

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