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Bring your ideas, bring your passion, bring your support 




Do you want your company to be more diverse?

Would you like to be more successful in hiring female employees?

Would you like to support diversity and inclusion initiatives in the tech industry in particular?

Get in touch! We will design a partnership catered to your needs.

Why partner with us?

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Create exposure. Highlight your companies' contribution and investment in increasing diversity and inclusion in tech. Sponsor initiatives that position you in the focus of this social positive change.

Support education. Sponsor scholarships in tech, inspire the next generations of IT and make workshops possible for those willing to change their career into tech.

Be part of the community invested in both innovation and diversity in the tech industry in Switzerland. Meet industry leaders, ambassadors for diversity, tech talent, tech specialist speakers for your future events, etc.

Invest in positive change. Make a difference. Support our initiatives. Become a sparring partner to reach our goals!

Have any questions?


Start designing your partnership towards diversity!

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