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Intro to Python for beginners - webinar

​Presented by Benjamin Rusell, on this webinar you will explore two features that make python a unique programming language: list comprehensions and list slices.


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The terminal - webinar

Hollywood made us believe only hackers can use it and its complex and confusing appearance certainly contribute to this stereotype. Yet, it is the fastest and most powerful tool to run scripts, switch directories or create new ones, open files, and a long list of etc.


May 06, 2020

Tell compelling stories with data - webinar

Presented by Valentina Coco, in this webinar you will learn:

  • ​Visual Communication fundamentals for web conferencing

  • Information design - can we use the same graphic online and offline?

  • Storytelling - how to be brief and capture your online audience


April 30, 2020

Introduction to GitHub - webinar 

At this webinar we will introduce you to GitHub step by step. Don't worry! No coding necessary, we will start from scratch.








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