Marta D'Angelo

Marta is a physicist and data scientist with solid experience in the development of mathematical models to describe complex systems and extract insightful information from data. She strongly supports a sustainable society where diversity and inclusion are two fundamental principles. She joined the association to understand what are the challenges people face to feel accepted and integrated on their job place, especially within tech companies. Her goal is to support the tech community by creating more diverse and inclusive work environments.

Maëlle Baud

After working in chemical R&D for over seven years, Maëlle, curious about digitalisation, reoriented her career towards marketing. She then specialised in marketing for tech startups, helping entrepreneurs to build their fundraising and go-to-market strategies while working for a global Venture Capital firm. Maëlle is passionate about technology and science, she’s extremely curious and a realistic optimist.

Chris Gwilliams

Chris Gwilliams is a data-obsessed “nerd” that is often so focussed on one thing that he is likely to forget everything else happening. He believes in equality for all in all industries and equal opportunities in education. He is a contributor to open-source software and works as a Solution Architect for the open-source Data Management startup, Aiven

Luisa Contreras

Luisa co-organized Hack'n'Lead 2019 and was responsible for sponsorships & partnerships in this period. Originally coming from Hospitality, Luisa followed her passion instead into her career in photography/videography, founding her business in Switzerland. While photographing and filming events for women++ she discovered her drive to move women++’s mission forward.

Our Alumni

Augustina La Greca

women++ Board Member - PhD Candidate ETH

Diana Herrle

President women++ Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

Elizaveta Semenova

Project Manager Hack'nLead 2018 & women++ Board Member.

Postdoc in Bayesian Machine Learning

Marina Bischof

women++ Vicepresident - Data Scientist

Patricia Egger

women++ Board Member - Senior Consultant & Information Security Officer

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